Our Vision

Our vision is to activate our property resources to become vital community hubs where mature disciples are made and Christ’s love is demonstrated by sharing his Word with, and through care and compassion for, the people of Greater Sydney and Wollongong.

Our mission is to develop a sustainable property portfolio that facilitates the mission of the Sydney Diocese, bringing together property initiatives to interact with the greenfield and urban renewal (existing urban) growth areas, innovative funding solutions that generate ongoing annuity income and interface with the people resources required to effectively minister to Greater Sydney and Wollongong.


Strategic Plan

To effectively contribute to the overall Sydney Diocesan Vision, Mission and Values, the Growth Corporation has developed its Strategic Plan . The Plan interprets and details how we will achieve our mission within the broader Mission of the Diocese in the coming three-year period.


Prayer Points

We would appreciate your prayers as, with God’s help, we attempt to implement the Growth Corporation initiatives. 

  • Ministry and evangelism would remain the key priority of the Growth Corporation.
  • Wisdom for the Growth Corporation Board members that they would may make wise decisions as they provide godly governance.
  • Ongoing and effective collaboration and innovation between the Growth Corporation and the Sustainable Development Group (SDG) as we implement the Urban Renewal Pilot Program together.
  • A Kingdom perspective across the Diocese so that positive and negative initiatives and experience can be shared across the Diocese for the benefit of all.
  • Wisdom in identifying areas most in need of new or upgraded church infrastructure facilities.
  • Generosity from both potential donors, partners and investors in the work of the Growth Corporation.
  • Wisdom for the Growth Corporation CEO as he liaises with State and Local Government officials on issues that have the potential to impact on future church infrastructure development (eg. developer contributions being charged for church developments and the potential prohibition of places of public worship in residential zones).
  • Insight for the Growth Corporation/SDG team as they develop sustainable funding options to enable an acceleration of required church infrastructure.

Strategic Context

The current opportunity for the Gospel in Greater Sydney is significant. About 1% of Greater Sydney’s population regularly attend an Anglican Church in the Diocese.

It is within this strategic context that property can act as an enabler for furthering the Kingdom if we plan effectively and strategically, collaborating across the Diocese to reach as many people as possible with the saving grace of the Gospel.


Latest Updates

Learn more about the work of Growth Corporation with the latest news and updates.

Hope Anglican Church Leppington – official opening

The planned official opening service for Hope Leppington on Saturday 12 February 2022 was postponed due to Covid-caution in the community. We have not set an alternative date as yet, but will post an update as soon as a new date is determined. In the meantime, please watch our video ‘Hope has a new home’.

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Need extra ministry space?

Over the past 12 months, we have been building up a “fleet” of temporary classrooms for use by parishes requiring additional ministry spaces. These are ideally used for kids’ spaces and meeting rooms. Some of these are currently being utilised by parishes in the Sydney Diocese while others are currently in storage. We are currently

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Urban Renewal Pilot Program

The Growth Corporation, has partnered with SDG in the Urban Renewal Pilot Program. This was approved by Standing Committee in March 2020. The aim of the Program is to work with the 25 parishes involved to develop integrated developments on church property that result in church buildings being upgraded/reconstructed and other land uses incorporated on-site under ground

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