Sydney Anglican PropertyĀ (SAP) was formed on 1 January 2024 to provide a unified, co-ordinated approach to all diocesan property matters, from day to day parish building issues to new church developments, strategic planning, insurance, heritage and more.

SAP brings together the staff and functions previously spread across theĀ Anglican Church Growth Corporation, theĀ Anglican Church Property Trust, New Churches for New Communities and St Andrew’s House Corporation.

As a result, SAP is now a one stop shop for property-related matters across the Diocese, ensuring we are able to provide parishes with better, more co-ordinated services, while retaining an emphasis on innovative projects that help people to know the real Jesus.

Over the coming months we will be working on a new online home for SAP. In the meantime, all the content you are used to from the former Growth Corporation remains at this site, which will be updated regularly. For day to day parish property related matters, please click here.

If you have any queries, simply visit the Contact page and drop one of us a line.


Our vision is to provide parishes with great infrastructure to help people know the real Jesus.

Short-term Mission
Growth Corporation will help parishes innovatively develop and activate church infrastructure to facilitate more effective ministry, care and compassion where the people of Greater Sydney and Wollongong can meet the real Jesus.
Longer-term Mission
Growth Corporation will provide a sustainable funding platform for the next generation of Christians to enable donors to direct their generosity toward ministry and evangelism initiatives and people rather than bricks and mortar.


Strategic Plan

To effectively contribute to the overall Sydney Diocesan Vision, Mission and Values, the Growth Corporation has developed its Strategic Plan . The Plan interprets and details how we will achieve our mission within the broader Mission of the Diocese in the coming three-year period.