Growth Corporation Team

The Growth Corporation has been set up as a lean strategic program management office that is staffed by a small number of permanent employees and draws on resources from existing Diocesan organisations and our partner organisation, SDG, to progress the work of the Growth Corporation.

Ross Jones

CEO Growth Corporation

Ross joined the Diocese as the inaugural CEO of the Growth Corporation in September 2019. Previously, Ross worked for 29 years in major infrastructure development; 9 years in Government and then 20 years in engineering consulting with Sinclair Knight Merz (SKM) and then global consultancy Jacobs, when it bought SKM. Ross is one of two NSW Government Mentally Healthy Workplace Ambassadors due to the work he has done in changing attitudes and practices towards mental illness in the engineering and construction industries.

Ross has held a range of domestic, regional and global business leadership, operational, client and project management roles and was a Company Director of Jacobs. Ross has worked in project management and project governance roles on predominantly major energy, road and rail transport design and environmental projects along the full life cycle of the projects from strategic business case, through concept to detailed design and then construction. 

Ross joined the Growth Corporation in the hope that the skills and background built up in his secular career might make a difference to the way the Diocese plans, designs and funds property initiatives to have a positive impact on ministry and evangelism. He is a firm believer in teamwork and is keen to enhance collaboration between relevant Diocesan organisations and parishes to further the Kingdom.

Ross attends Narrabeen Anglican Church, is married to Sarah and has 4 kids (Sam, 25; Molly, 23; Toby, 20; Maisy, 14). He has one semester left until he completes a Diploma of Biblical Theology at Moore.

Trish Graham original cropped

Trish Graham

Secretary, Growth Corporation

Trish is a governance professional with over 10 years’ experience, and 5 years’ providing company secretarial support to boards and committees, primarily in the not-for-profit sector. She has a passion for governance and loves to help organisations achieve their unique purpose. 

Trish loves using her governance experience to support the work of the Diocese, and her role with the Growth Corporation is to ensure the Board is well supported as it strives to achieve its strategic objectives. 

Trish is a member of the Governance Institute of Australia and holds a Certificate in Governance. Trish attends Village Church at Annandale.

Scott Lincoln

Manager, Parish Property Services – Western Sydney, Georges River & Wollongong Regions

Scott has been with SDS for 13 years. He is a member of St George North parish where he serves as bible study co-leader and on the sound ministry.

Scott is a qualified town planner, having previously worked in local government assessing development applications, and as a strategic land use planner.

Scott is the point person for parishes for all property-related matters in the Western, Georges River and Wollongong regions assists the Growth Corporation with property strategy and development. He also serves the Mission Property Committee in relation to greenfield church projects.

Scott enjoys helping volunteers in addressing property issues that are common across many parishes in which we can all learn from each other. He is passionate about helping parishes to apply for government grants in relation to property improvements (like solar energy and battery storage).

Penny Barletta

Manager, Parish Property Services – Northern and South Sydney Regions

Penny is in her second round working for the Sydney Diocese having spent the past 3 years in her current role. Her first stint was between 2007-2009 when she fulfilled a similar role. Penny attends Northside Baptist Church.

Penny brings a diverse background to her role. She has had experience across education, small business and corporate, in not-for-profits, Christian organisations and churches. Penny has been a high school teacher, run a community services program for homeless people, been a parish administrator, a café owner/operator and is currently on a Crown cemetery board. Her recent tertiary qualifications include a Masters in Education (Social Ecology), a Grad Dip in Management and a Grad Cert in Pastoral Supervision. 

Penny is the point person for parishes for all property-related matters in the Northern and South Sydney regions that involve the ACPT as the trustee property owner, or the Growth Corporation regarding property strategy and development.

Penny finds property fascinating, and is highly motivated to help parish office holders fulfil their responsibilities and get good outcomes for now and the future, and have property that reflects and is useful for the core work of churches.

Richard Ollerhead

Managing Director, Sustainable Development Group (SDG)

Richard is a qualified Architect and started as the inaugural MD of SDG in May 2019. After registering as an Architect in South Africa (1999) Richard founded, managed and consulted to a range of businesses and organisations over the past 25 years. These roles have often run concurrently as he has worked in the design, property development, manufacturing, distribution, commercial, education and social development fields. Prior to starting SDG, Richard worked at Anglicare as a joint lead on the Social and Affordable Housing Fund bid and rollout.

Richard engages with Senior Ministers, Parish Property Committees, Parish Councils throughout most weeks, with particular involvement when the parish is initiating and defining their development options in line with their ministry plan. He works very closely with Ross Jones of Growth Corp, the SDS Property team and the regional Bishops, as together we seek to serve the Parishes and Diocese in a unified and co-ordinated way.

Richard’s role in leading SDG is focused on unlocking the potential of people and property to honour God and to serve the community. He strives to guide the team towards balanced solutions that are creative and robust, where success is measured environmentally, socially, economically and spiritually. Genuine sustainability is key for us seeking to be ‘good and faithful servants’ of Christ for the Glory of God. Soli Deo Gloria, SDG!

Jai Sharma

Head of Finance, Sustainable Development Group (SDG)

Jai joined SDG in April 2020. He has always worked at the curious points in the market where faith, business and social change intersect. Jai started work/ministry in child rescue/rehabilitation in India and then moved into impact investment at Christian Super.

From there, he worked on a social enterprise retail start-up that was sold prior to him joining a faith-based investment bank named Brightlight. Along the way, Jai learned a lot by serving on the boards and investment committees of various social enterprises, NFPs and business as mission (BAM) companies.

In his role, Jai will occasionally engage face-to-face with parishes to discuss project financing strategies. However, Jai’s role is to look across the Diocese for how to put in place a range of sustainable funding measures at a program or portfolio level to better enable the Sydney Diocese to fund property initiatives when they are needed.

Lachlan Sheehan

Senior Development Manager, Sustainable Development Group (SDG)

Lachlan joined SDG in October 2019. He has worked as a Development Manager, Design Manager, Project Manager and Landscape Architect over the last 10 years’ in both the private, public and more recently the not-for-profit sectors.

Lachlan has experience working on a variety of multidisciplinary design, construction & development projects in both China and Australia. With a background in Landscape Architecture, in 2017 he completed post-graduate study in Property & Planning at UTS in order to focus on working towards solutions to the challenges of housing affordability and a more sustainable built environment.

Lachlan will be working closely with Parishes to assist them to plan and deliver property redevelopment projects which unlock the spiritual, social, environmental and financial value of property under their stewardship.

His aim is that by collaborating we can achieve holistic, mission aligned and community enriching property outcomes for the benefit of improved social well-being of the local community and ultimately the growth of God’s kingdom.

Jason Squires

Senior Development Manager, Sustainable Development Group (SDG)

Jason is a new recruit with SDG having joined them in April 2020. He is a Project/Development Manager with a MBA from Newcastle University. After returning from a stint playing college basketball in America, he started and sold a number of small businesses. He was given his start in property development as Acquisitions Manager for a Newcastle property developer where he assessed hundreds of potential project sites around Australia and made purchase recommendations to the owner. 

He founded a Project Management and Development company which he ran for over 10 years. This business acquired sites, managed design and approvals and delivered small residential developments for the average investor. This role required a strong focus on communication, leading “new to development” clients through the development process.

Prior to beginning with SDG, he spent 5 years working as a Senior Development Manager with Anglicare in Sydney handling a large and complex portfolio. He was called upon to develop solutions for difficult projects and map pathways for their success.

Jason will have very regular interaction with parishes, working together to strategise, create and deliver successful property projects.He intends to use the gifts that God has given him to create property strategies and deliver projects that advance the kingdom of God. He strives to operate with excellence and wisdom and use his role to shine the light of Christ. He sees what he does at SDG as a ministry, his contribution.

Richard Huynh

Senior Development Manager, Sustainable Development Group (SDG)

Richard joined SDG in February 2020 with 20 years experience in the property industry and is a trained Architect with a Master in Property Development at UNSW.

Over this period he has developed in-depth experience in the delivery of medium density and mixed use residential, aged care/retirement living and commercial projects. Richard has delivered projects for various small and large organisations and with his development management and architectural background, is able to look at a project holistically to ensure an optimal outcome for the project.

Richard’s prior experiences with Anglicare, Stockland and Time & Place has put him in good stead to take on projects of various types, size, scale and complexities from high value residential through to social and affordable housing. It was at Time & Place where Richard was working on an ultra high end mixed use residential project that he realised although opportunities to work on this type of project did not come by very often, it was not representative of the situation for most people in the community and this drove him to search for roles that would fulfil the purpose he was missing.

At Anglicare, Richard was able to work on projects that housed seniors and those in need of housing with higher quality accommodation. This provided him with real purpose and he has been fortunate now to be part of the SDG team where the focus is on working in partnership with the Diocese and Parishes to deliver socially responsible developments that meet both ministry objectives and also deliver benefits to the wider community.