Prepare for Growth

Church Planting

The lessons learnt from church planting indicate that it is important to prepare individual church planters for the area they are going to establish a Kingdom presence well in advance of when they move into the area.  To do that, there needs to be early communication through our strategic planning about the priority locations for greenfield church plants and for urban renewal infill. 

Identify timing for church planters for greenfields locations

Effective church planters represent a small percentage of the existing ministry personnel and the future ministers coming through Moore College. Therefore, we need clarity on the locations and timings of new churches in new communities to enable appropriate church planters to be identified and connected with a specific church plant. The Greenfields and Urban Renewal Strategic Plans should provide this forward view of the church planting task.

Identify sites for church growers in urban renewal areas that require church planting

With the significant infill and urban renewal being proposed under the Greater Sydney Region Plan – A Metropolis of Three Cities, the need for church planters/growers in existing areas will also be an important need.

As above, the Urban Renewal Strategic Plan should provide this forward view of the urban renewal and infill task.

Work with Bishops and ENC regarding potential for a regional centres model for ministry

The Greater Sydney Region Plan – A Metropolis of Three Cities, reinforces the State Government’s centres policy. Consideration needs to be given to whether the Diocese should mirror that model and have “regional centres” churches that provide resources and guidance to smaller churches in surrounding sub-regions.

If this model is pursued, it will require coordination with CMD to provide appropriately experienced ministry leaders at the churches that represent population centres. The Growth Corporation will work with ENC and CMD to determine if a regional centres model makes good ministry sense.

Based on population projections, compare ministry task to current trends of provision of ministers

With the combination of the strategic GIS and the analysis that will be done on the ministry task to meet population projections, the Growth Corporation will provide information to the Diocese and Moore College of the ministry pipeline required to meet the expected population growth.

Work with organisations to identify examples of robust parish ministry plans and communicate these as the minimum expectation for developing church property

As referred to under the “Urban Renewal Initiatives”, the Growth Corporation will share examples of what “good” Ministry Plans look like and feed these to organisations like MTD, CMD, Geneva Push and Reach Australia to incorporate into relevant ministry development programs.