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Prioritise Greenfields

Greater Sydney

Greater Sydney’s population is currently 5.3 million people. In 20 years, it is projected to increase by 800,000 people to 6.1 million. In the 20 years following that, Sydney’s population is projected to grow by a further 2.4 million to a 2061 population of 8.5 million people. That’s an average of 80,000 new people every year for the next 40 years. The majority of this growth is expected to occur in the north-west and south-west growth corridors, and in and around the Western Sydney Aerotropolis.

This represents a huge opportunity for introducing Jesus to as many of the additional 3.2 million people as we can.  It also provides a significant challenge for us to provide church infrastructure from which to base our evangelistic efforts and then provide meeting spaces for Christians who populate these new urban release areas.  To meet this challenge, we need to increase the pace of strategic property purchases and follow these up with construction projects.


My prayer is that across the Diocese, existing parishes and their congregations will join in celebrating the blessing God in his grace has already shown on this challenge. It is more than just about bricks and mortar; it’s about bringing the Gospel of Jesus to what is, in effect, a mission field over our back fence. Due to the scale of this challenge, we need parishes to be active in their own patch, but we also need them to collaborate across the Diocese have the biggest “Kingdom impact”.


Through the 2% land acquisition levy, Synod has given us the opportunity to purchase new properties.  However, we need help in fund the construction on these sites.

Benefits of prioritising Greenfields property acquisition
  • Minimise the amount of investment in buildings while construction costs are high.
  • Maximise the focus on property acquisition while land prices moderate due to higher interest rates.
  • Better transparency around decision making and monitoring of progress.
  • Easier to collaborate with other organisations when they can see our intended strategy.