Move 01
Diocesan Buildings
& Property Strategy

Why do we need a
Diocesan Buildings & Property Strategy

The development of a ministry-led Diocesan-wide buildings and property strategy will be a major undertaking to provide long-term strategies to enable buildings and property to better facilitate ministry and evangelism.

There is currently no consolidated diocesan buildings and property strategy. There are various guidelines, directions, policies and strategies relating to buildings and property that have been developed by Standing Committee, the Anglican Church Property Trust (ACPT), the Growth Corporation, Anglicare, Moore College and The Anglican Schools Corporation (TASC).

Parishes can pursue and implement their own local buildings and property initiatives without any context of wider strategic ministry needs. This has resulted in some uncertainty about how to best utilise buildings and property to support and facilitate ministry and evangelism across the Diocese and a likely duplication of effort across organisations. It also means there is a lack of connectivity between strategies and potentially lost opportunities and value.

The benefits of Big Move 01 to the Diocese
  • Clarity about the ministry/evangelism directions of the Diocese and how buildings and property initiatives can facilitate better outcomes.
  • More effective long-term allocation of buildings and property resources to meet the changing population, ministry and evangelism needs of a growing city.
  • Greater clarity when assessing the strategic value of Diocesan buildings and property assets.
  • Identification of opportunities for collaboration across the Diocese to achieve better outcomes for parishes (e.g. use of Diocesan wide purchasing power in asset management).
  • Earlier visibility of church planting opportunities to enable better matching with church planters/evangelists.
  • Clarity of the funding task for the future buildings and property needs of the Diocese.
  • Enabling the Sydney Anglican Indigenous Peoples’ Ministry Committee (SAIPMC) to focus on ministry and evangelism initiatives while Growth Corporation focuses on property acquisition and planning approvals and construction.
  • Having an organisation like Growth Corporation accountable for expanding the property and buildings appropriate for ministry and evangelism to First Nations people