Will you partner with us to grow disciples and facilitate evangelism?

Thank you for considering donating to the gospel work we do across Sydney. There are several ways you can support our ministry.

Donate directly to New Churches for New Communities (NCNC)

NCNC is the primary funding arm of the work we do. And the best part is that donations to NCNC go directly to the construction of new churches in greenfields areas of Sydney. That’s bricks and mortar on the ground and real-life people hearing the gospel as they set up their lives in a rapidly growing area of our city!

There are a number of ways to structure your giving to NCNC, including tax deductibility and even bequests.

Simply click on the button below to allocate your gift.


Support the operational costs of the Growth Corporation

Our team not only identifies sites for new churches, they work with existing churches on exciting new urban renewal projects, oversee complex building projects and even develop property strategies across the Diocese. And while we’re becoming less reliant on donations to cover our operational costs, we will still need donation assistance until at least 2025.

If you like the sound of the work we do and have the funds available, we would welcome any non-tax deductible donations.

Our target is $50,000 in each of 2024 and 2025.

To donate to ACGC please follow the donate details below.

To donate to ACGC , please transfer funds to:

Acct name: Anglican Church Main Acct
BSB: 032 008
Account no.: 880096

Please include the description “ACGC donation”.

For more information or to discuss financial partnership, please fill out the form or get in touch:

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