Growth Corp delivers Christmas gift to every parish

Growth Corporation has written to all Rectors and Wardens across the Diocese to let them know about a new offering that promises to aid ministry planning for years to come.

Using our own unique geographic information system (GIS) that takes the latest data from sources including the 2021 Census and the NSW Department of Planning and Environment, Growth Corp has cut the relevant data to the unique boundaries of each parish area and made the reports freely available on our website.

No longer will parishes need to spend valuable time and effort seeking out useful data for their local area then estimate how closely it represents the population that actually lives within their parish. Instead, the reports made available by Growth Corp represent the most complete demographic resource available to churches today.

Every church in the Diocese now has a snapshot of their parish in terms of medium-term population projections, occupation types, cultural backgrounds, religious affiliation, income details, average commute times, housing information and more.

Importantly, the mapping tool that generates the reports will remain up-to-date as the underlying data sources are automatically updated. Meaning that churches across the Diocese will always have access to the best data on which to base local ministry and evangelism plans.

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