New Land Purchase: a shared advance in Catherine Field

Growth Corporation is delighted to announce the successful purchase of a new site for local Anglican ministry at 905 Camden Valley Way, Catherine Field.

Strategically located in the Sydney’s South-West Growth Area, the 1.88-hectare site is a prominent corner block with frontage to Camden Valley Way.  The site is adjacent to the recently developed ‘Gledswood Estate’ and will service a growing parish area with a population already exceeding 50,000 people. Peter Lin, Bishop of the South-Western Region, described the purchase as ‘so significant for the work of the gospel in the fast growing south west’ and ‘a brilliant answer to prayer’.

Figure 1 - The acquired site in Catherine Field (Source:

The purchase was entirely enabled by the Synod 2022 decision to lock in the Land Acquisition Levy (LAL) for a further 10 years. Highlighting the impact of this decision, Growth Corp’s Manager of Strategic Operations, Tim Green, explained ‘we simply could not be in this position without it. It’s a wonderful expression of fellowship … and of God’s generosity to and through his church’. Bishop Lin similarly commented ‘I thank God for the missional heart of our Synod’ and affirmed that ‘every parish in the Diocese has partnered in this missional advance and it should be considered an extension of our collective gospel outreach’.

Under the leadership of Rev. Jonathan Squire, the new site will be used by Grace Anglican Churches, Camden Valley. Rev. Squire has witnessed the rapidly changing area first hand and recounts ‘since starting ministry in Harrington Park many years ago, we’ve seen this area transform literally from greenfield paddocks to vast suburbs that are home to more than fifty thousand people. For many years we’ve relied on meeting in public school halls and a rented industrial unit, and God has graciously provided through that. We need to continue to plant and grow churches wherever we can, but the purchase of this brilliantly located land wonderfully provides a stable, long-term centre for ministry for both now and many years to come’.

The acquisition marks the end of a 12-month land search process where Growth Corporation brought together specialist property consultants and local ministry personnel to identify ideal land for long-term local ministry. The purchased site is located in one of the last areas of the South-West Growth Area (Figure 2) to transition from rural land uses to a more densely populated residential and commercial centre. Consistent with Growth Corporation’s strategy, more land than is necessary for local church infrastructure has been secured. Once rezoned to higher-value residential uses the surplus land can be subdivided and sold to generate proceeds for the next Greenfield property initiative.

Figure 2 - The site's strategic location (Source: Transport for NSW)

Following the Box Hill acquisition in December last year, the Catherine Field purchase is Growth Corporation’s second Greenfield purchase since the 2022 Synod decision. Looking ahead, Growth Corp is finalising the Greenfields Strategic Plan which will provide a robust evidence-based approach for the next series of land acquisition priorities. Growth Corporation CEO, Ross Jones, notes that ‘while Growth Corp continues to work hard to provide the property-related infrastructure for gospel ministry, we need the prayers of the Diocese and many faithful Christian people to move into these places, to serve in local churches and to connect relationally with the countless locals who don’t yet know Jesus’.

Please join us in thanking God for the provision of this property and, more importantly, that many people would come to live under the sound of the gospel as it is proclaimed from this place.


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