New resource available: Greenfields Project Control Group Guide

New Resource Available: Greenfields Project Control Group Guide

Growth Corporation has produced a new resource to guide the implementation of Project Control Groups (PCGs) across all new Greenfield construction projects. PCGs are oversight groups made up of representatives from Growth Corporation and the Local Parish that intend to:

      • create a more collaborative team approach between the Parish and Growth Corporation
      • provide an effective conduit for two-way communication between the project team and the Parish.

The Greenfields PCG Guide has been prepared to advise future PCG members on the Greenfields governance framework and to clarify the distinct roles and responsibilities of each person.

Growth Corporation again wishes to thank all future Greenfields PCG members who generously steward their expertise, skills, experience and passion to progress individual Greenfield projects.

We look forward to working with you to provide excellent ministry infrastructure in the Greenfields.

If you have questions about this resource, please contact Tim Green (Manager, Operations) at or 0410 046 774. 

To read the guide please follow this link.

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