There are so many great initiatives being implemented around the Sydney Diocese and issues that are occurring in one parish that are relevant to many. In the ‘News’ below, we share innovations and relevant issues across parish and regional boundaries for the benefit of all. We encourage you to share any ministry or evangelism initiatives so others can learn from your experiences. To share any initiatives, please contact us.

Urban Renewal Pilot Program

The Growth Corporation, has partnered with SDG in the Urban Renewal Pilot Program. This was approved by Standing Committee in March 2020. The aim of the Program is to work with the 25 parishes involved to develop integrated developments on church property that result in church buildings being upgraded/reconstructed and other land uses incorporated on-site under ground

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Developer Contributions Being Imposed on PoPW Developments

For many years Councils have charged a fee to developers to contribute to the need for new or upgraded infrastructure as a result of a particular development. The fee was imposed because developers were constructing commercial and/or residential developments and making large profits while not catering for the need for additional transport and water-related infrastructure

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Prohibition of Places of Public Worship (PoPW)

The NSW Government is currently requiring metropolitan Local Government Areas (LGAs) to review and revise their Local Environmental Plans (LEPs) mainly as a result of LGA amalgamations. They will be requiring all NSW LGAs to do the same over the next 12-18 months. Most Councils have chosen to change very little regarding zoning and what

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Parish Ministry & Evangelism Plans

It is a requirement for any church property development that a parish ministry and evangelism plan also be provided. In the past, this has been seen by some as a necessary box to be ticked in a property process. For the Growth Corporation, this is the basis for any church property development. Many parishes have vision, mission

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Strategic Diocesan Demographic & Planning Study

The Growth Corporation, with its partner SDG and consultants SGS Economics is undertaking a strategic study to provide Diocesan, Regional and Parish level population and planning projections in line with the NSW Government’s “3-Cities Strategy”. This will provide forward projections of population at 5-year intervals out to 2050 down to Census Collector District (CCD) levels. The

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