There are so many great initiatives being implemented around the Sydney Diocese and issues that are occurring in one parish that are relevant to many. In the ‘News’ below, we share innovations and relevant issues across parish and regional boundaries for the benefit of all. We encourage you to share any ministry or evangelism initiatives so others can learn from your experiences. To share any initiatives, please contact us.

Putting property on mission: The Urban Renewal Pilot Program

Churches are always looking for new ways to engage the local community around them. Why? Because Paul in Acts 20:24 tells us that our only aim is “to finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me [us] – the task of testifying to the good news of God’s grace.” It

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Gladesville sale set to fund new community and ministry facilities

We all know that Sydney property prices can be pretty eye-watering! And, at the same time, it’s no secret that keeping ministry sites and facilities fit for purpose for future generations requires some serious investment. One parish in Sydney’s inner west is bringing these two facts together to unlock the future of ministry in their

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Sydney Anglican Property Targets Social and Affordable Housing

This development delivered by Anglicare under the similar SAHF program is an example of high quality of housing that can be provided under the HAFFF. Access to good quality, affordable housing is fundamental to wellbeing, reducing poverty, enhancing equality of opportunity, social inclusion, and mobility. In the Gospels, Jesus talks extensively about providing for the

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Support for Marsden Park highlights deep diocesan connections

The amazing financial support provided by St Anne’s Strathfield for the construction of a new church in Marsden Park is the feature of a new article on the Sydney Anglicans website. Read all about the deep connections between the two churches – past, present and future – and how our diocesan fellowship is being lived

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