Urban Renewal Pilot Program

The Growth Corporation, has partnered with SDG in the Urban Renewal Pilot Program. This was approved by Standing Committee in March 2020. The aim of the Program is to work with the 25 parishes involved to develop integrated developments on church property that result in church buildings being upgraded/reconstructed and other land uses incorporated on-site under ground lease arrangements that provide the renewed church assets and an ongoing lease income to the parish and the Diocese.

While this doesn’t generate as much income as selling all or portions of church land to property developers, it enables the ownership of property to be retained by the Diocese for future generations and it directs integrated developments toward land uses more in-line with the Christian ethos. These include aged care, childcare, student housing and social and affordable housing to name a few.

The Growth Corporation and SDG arrange for all of the up-front funding of the development process so that the parish does not spend long periods of time raising money for the DA phase and we provide expertise to get the projects to a development-ready stage. The aim is to accelerate church development to enable parishes to better implement their ministry and evangelism plans in their growing and changing communities.

For more information, please contact Scott Lincoln (sxl@sydney.anglican.asn.au) or Penny Barletta (pxb@sydney.anglican.asn.au).

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